"The NO Property Tax Tour"

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Attack The Tax Have Dubbed This Series of Talks "The NO Property Tax Tour"
or The NOPe Tour for Short.

The NOPe Tour is simply a bunch of lads going around the Island, informing and educating the People of the Island on and about the legal and lawful aspects of the Household Charge and the Property Tax; & why you DONT HAVE TO PAY.

Despite what the bar-room experts and so called legal eagles say; the Household Charge and Property Tax is Illegal, Unlawful and Unconstutional, and does NOT have to be paid, unless you consciously consent/agree to paying it.

Even if you have paid it; you have most likley paid because you have been coerced and or lied to by the State, the Puppet Government, the County Council and certainly by Pillage Hogan and the rest of his consorts. This also makes it an Unlawful Act and Bill.

It is NOT Mandatory to Declare or to Pay for the Household Charge or the Property Tax. Anyone that says anything to the contrary, is either a legal imbicile, or a liar, or both (the both part specifically refers to Politicians).

The NOPe Tour is for ALL Men and Women that want and wish to find out the Truth about these Taxes, and are prepared to take a stand legally, lawfully and peacefully. This is simply about sharing information and getting legally educated.

There is NO entrance fee for this event. All contributions to pay for room hire, costs and expenses are much appreciated.

Take Care Of Each Other;

Des: of the family Carty

This coming March; Kenny & Co. will hand over another THREE BILLION EURO on the Anglo Irish Bank Promissary note ... remember Anglo? The Bank that no longer exist! All that money, to make sure the EU and the IMF give Dame Enda another pat on the head, for being a good little lap doggie.

In February WE will be on the road: FOR ONE REASON ONLY.

A Set Of Evening Talks: WE will teach ALL of the People of our Island how to STOP the Puppet Governments latest attack on the People; by explaining how to Legally, Lawfully and Peacefully tell the Puppet Government, the State, the Revenue, the EU and the IMF where they can stick their proposed Bill and Act.


We announce dates, times and venues next week. All that we require is that everyone get out there, and EXPLAIN to ALL the People you know what we are doing. Get word out for us, and get People to the talks.

In addition to STOPPING THE PROPERTY TAX (Legally and Lawfully), we will be letting everyone know, how to Remove their Sovereignty from the Puppet Government and the State. WE are currently drafting up a letter and process that WE can invoke and legally and lawfully impliment.

1. How to STOP the Property Tax.
2. How to Remove Your Sovereignty.

FINALLY: Let Us Know If You Are Prepared to Facilitate or Host a Talk.

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Thanks for reading;

Des: of the family Carty